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A-Z Tours International.......for all your travel needs

Frequently asked Questions
A-Z TOURS INTERNATIONAL – Personal Travel Services

Camel Rides and Safari’s:

Option for entry into small pyramid and camel ride (approx $25 US per person) Short Camel Trek the Camel ride is great experience you don't need to miss. It is only 30-40 minutes or we can cut it shorter.. It is around the great Pyramid of Giza. You ride a big half circle in the desert to see the Pyramids -9 of them ,the 3 main pyramids and other small queen pyramids- from the heart of desert.. It is great also for taking unique pictures for the 9 pyramids and the desert landscape. Including a memorial group/Private Picture with the background of the Pyramids

Desert and Oases

A huge part (almost 90%) of Egypt is desert. It is not wise to go off into the desert alone. It gets very cold at night and very hot during the day, everything has to be taken with you, including water, food, camping equipment and toilet facilities and there are still thousands of mines. If you run out of anything you are out of luck as there is no fast way back. 

Other Treks can be done for 4 or 5 days in Sinai

Camera Fees:

      What are ‘Camera Fees’ and how much are they?

There are no longer any fees for camera or video camera use. However, many sites will not allow you to take them in, and you may have to check them in at the entrance. If they do allow them they must be set to museum mode as they will not allow regular flash. This damages the artifacts. The rules do change regularly. If cameras are not allowed and you see others using theirs, please do not copy suit. This destroys the heritage of Egypt and many sites such as the tomb of Nefertari have already been closed to the public as a result.

Cameras and Videos can be used in the outdoors.

It is advisable to have your passport stamped on arrival if bringing in a Video Camera or expensive Camera as proof you brought it with you on departure. Otherwise you could be charged customs duties.

Costs to Enter places:

How much extra does the Mummies room cost?

It costs approximately $10 US no guiding or cameras are allowed.

Agha Khan Mausoleum

The Agha Khan mausoleum is a restricted area. No one can approach by land. We can only sail around the Island and enjoy a nice view of the place. Due to the huge number of visitors they restricted the Visit many years ago. Now permits have to be obtained outside the country to enter.

Dates and Times:

When is the next Aida performance?

The show takes place at the Giza Pyramid, during October. It has been cancelled since ‘911’, and we will inform you via our website, when it will begin again.

What are the Dates for Ramadan and Feast of Ramadan?

In 2007, Ramadan will start September 12, and each year following, will be eleven days earlier. The feast is 3 days after Ramadan. During Ramadan, all sites close two hours earlier than usual.

How does Ramadan affect tourism?

There is moretraffic at Break Fast time around sunset. Depending on the time of year it does affect some restaurants and some early closings of sites. However, these are minor irritations and guides work around these when on tour. Breakfast time is at sunset so everyone tries to get home for that. (Break fast not Breakfast is when they stop fasting) Ramadan moves forward approx. 10 days each year. You will also witness some of the celebrations and the street tents set up to feed those who cannot get home for Break Fast.

When does the lock at Esna close for maintenance?

The Esna locks usually close twice a year for maintenance - usually in June and for a short period in early December. During these periods the Cruises dock in Esna instead of Luxor and coach participants to the sites from there by Vehicle. The length of the Cruise is the same. The Nile Cruises are basically used as floating Hotels and the actual sailing time between Luxor and Aswan is 1 day and 1 night.

Is the Tomb of Nefertari Open?

The tomb is closed indefinitely for restoration.


When do our daytrips for sightseeing start, and end?

The usual time is around 9am to 4 or 5pm. You can arrange these times directly with your guide.

Can we do a daytrip from Sharm to Cairo, to see the Pyramids etc.?

Yes it can be done. As it is a 7 hour drive, to do it as a daytrip you will need to fly each way. We suggest you do it as an overnight, if possible, to get the most benefit from it.

Do Day trips have Single Supplements?

This depends. If there is a group of 3 or 5, an odd number, there are no supplements. If there is just 1 person traveling alone, yes we do charge an additional fee of $25 US, to cover the costs of the driver, transportation and guide.

Is there a charge for children age three?

We do not charge for Babies up to 2 years, when sharing the room with their parents. As there is no charge for them no services of any kind are provided for them. Any services required for your baby, such as a crib, milk, or, special meals, will need to be paid separately directly by you. 

One exception to the baby rule is flights. There is a charge for Babies for any internal flights.

Children from 2-12 years enjoy a 50% discount as long as they share the same room with their parents. If internal flights are included a 40% discount is available.

Children over 12 years are considered adult. 


What are Feluccas?

Feluccas are small bare bones sailing boats, no bedrooms, no washrooms, nothing, except a few seats and a sail.

Where can you sail on a Felucca?

You can sail on a Felucca in Luxor, Aswan and in Cairo. This is best as they are short sails of 2-3 hours. If there is no wind, we substitute a motor boat.

Do we have a Felucca program?

We do not do overnight, or longer, Felucca programs, just the short day sails. These are bare bones, sleeping on the deck or on the side of the Nile. This is an adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. We do not book these trips.


When does the Ferry go between Sharm El Sheik and Hurghada?

These do not leave every day, and, they take approximately 2 hours. Check the current timetable with Egypt office.

When does the Ferry go between Egypt and Jordan?

The Cat Ferry leaves Nuweiba on a daily basis at 3:00 PM, and arrives in Aqaba at 4:00 PM. It leaves Aqaba on Daily Basis at 12:00 PM, and arrives in Nuweiba at 1:00 PM

The ferry times do change so it is always best to check before departing. Reservations are required to guarantee a space.


When are the flights from Sharm El Sheik to Cairo?

There are several flights a day, but as with all internal flights in Egypt, most flights are early morning, or late night.

Can you fly from Tel Aviv to Cairo?

Yes you can. However, they do not fly daily, so check the schedules.

Can we fly from Luxor to Sharm El Sheik?

These flights do not go daily. It is more advisable to go back through Cairo, so as not to interrupt your schedule, or go by Ferry via Hurghada.

Guide vs. Independent Travel:

Can I travel independently without booking a tour package?

While it is possible to travel Egypt as an independent traveler, it is recommended that you book a package tour, or private tour. Here's why:

You will get much more out of your trip if you have a tour guide explaining things at the sites, and answering any questions on Egyptian culture and history.

Package tours, most times, work out cheaper than booking the individual hotels, boats, transportation and admissions, on your own. Transportation without a pre-booked tour is hard to arrange on your own.

Special permits, or, government escorts and convoys are required, to visit some areas. A tour operator can easily arrange this in advance. In addition, of course, language and cultural barriers can make getting around difficult, and more expensive.


Will we have one Guide throughout our tour?

Guides in Egypt are all licensed. Some are just licensed for their own city, some have licenses that permit them to guide in other cities. It will depend on the availability of guides at the time of your tour. Most guides are contracted by more than one company. We do have some guides that work permanently for us.

Can we hire Guide Services without booking hotels with you?

Yes you can. You can hire as day trips, or as a ‘complete package’ program.

Holiday Supplements:

What are Holiday Supplements?

Holiday supplements are the price increases implemented by the hotels, and other services, during their peak periods, Easter, Christmas, and New Years. We have no control over these supplements and do have to pass them onto the clients. Economy is usually around 15% more, deluxe around 20%, and Luxury around 25%.

Hot Air Balloon Rides:

Can we take a Hot Air Balloon Ride?

Hot air balloon rides are available only in Luxor and will take you in the early morning, over the Valley of the Kings etc. A wonderful experience, but very expensive. Prices fluctuate around $200 US per person. They must be booked as an option, as it will depend on weather conditions as to whether they will be available on any particular day.

Optional Hot Air Balloon Rides

Hot Air Balloons Rides over Luxor have to remain optional as they are dependant on weather conditions and price fluctuations. The price generally ranges between  $150 - $200 and they leave early in the morning. Please let the Egypt office know if there is interest in this option.


What are your Hotel Categories?

Economy – basically tourist class – 3 & 4star

Deluxe – The major chain hotels – 4 & 5 stars

Luxury – these are top of the line hotels such as the Mena House, Grand Hyatt etc. and, are priced as per each request.

Can we request a specific hotel or cruise?

If you request a specific hotel or cruise, we would have to request it and quote you. Prices fluctuate and we base our prices for the tours, on hotels’ where we have negotiated rates. We may not be able to get your special request at negotiated rates. The prices are likely to be higher.

What does triple accommodation mean?

These could be three twin beds, a double and single, a pullout bed or a cot. There is no set rule; it varies from hotel to hotel.

What about hotels less than 3 stars, are they cheaper?

Hotels less than 3 stars are often run down and dirty. We do not use, or book these hotels, as they do not meet western standards.

Are there coffee and tea facilities in the hotel rooms?

The short answer is no. You will need to take a portable kettle if you wish to drink coffee or tea in your room.

What does half board mean?

Half board means, two meals per day, breakfast and then either lunch or dinner.

Are there gym facilities in the Hotels?

Many of the hotels now have gym facilities. The higher end hotels are more likely to have these services, along with spa treatments.


Do you arrange Belly dancing lessons?

Sorry, no, we do not arrange lessons. There is belly dancing on the cruise and dinner cruise. Anything else, you will need to arrange directly, or sort out with the guide or hotel, on your arrival.


Is the Internet available in Egypt?

‘Dial up’ Internet access is available at most hotels. Some of the higher end hotels have cable access. If not, Internet cafes’ are everywhere. Your guide will assist in you finding them. Internet for dial up is a free local number, but you pay for the phone calls.


Where is Upper Egypt?

Egypt is a little unusual. The South part of Egypt is Upper Egypt and the North part, is Lower Egypt. This is because the Nile flows from the higher lands in the South to the lower delta in the North, and out to the Mediterranean Sea.


Do we have to carry our own luggage?

With one exception, we transport your luggage from the vehicles to your hotel, or cruise. Bellboys will move it from the lobby, to your room, for a small tip. You will need to carry your luggage onto the train if taking the overnight sleeper, but again, you can pay someone to carry it on and off for you. The cabin attendant will also assist in putting it up on the rack if you wish. We do suggest using a small overnight bag on the train, so you do not need to open your large suitcase.

Is there a place to leave excess luggage we do not need for our trip?

Yes, there is a ‘left’ luggage department at the airport and it costs about $10 US per day, per suitcase. You can also leave luggage with your first hotel concierge and reclaim at the end. Of course, expect to tip them.

Luggage allowance when traveling to Egypt

International flights generally allow 2 pieces of luggage each person, plus one carry on. Each bag should weigh no more than 50 lbs (23Kgs) each bag for check in luggage and about 22lbs for your carry on. Charter airlines restrict this further.

For your comfort and as you will be changing rooms frequently we recommend one bag and one carry-on per person otherwise you will find your luggage becomes a burden. You can always leave one bag in Cairo at the Hotel while traveling in Luxor/Aswan. We suggest taking one bag per person plus your carry-on and then packing a fold up bag to use for any new purchases or as an overnight bag. 


Can we get married in Egypt?

is a Moslem country and there are no Ministers to marry you. In addition, many permits would be required, and it is expensive and time consuming to arrange. We suggest getting married at home, then having a reception or honeymoon in Egypt.

Money and Credit Cards:

What is the exchange rate and local currency?

The currency is LE pounds currently about 5 LE to $1 US. The rate changes daily against the US dollar.

Are there any legal restrictions or limits on how much money I can take into Egypt?

There are no restrictions or limits on taking in money.

No, but there may be limits on what you can take out of your own country. Unless you are investing using cash, this should not be an issue.

How much money do you recommend we exchange into Egyptian Pounds?

$200 US per person is the usual. We can arrange this for you on arrival.

Do we need to have Egyptian Currency or should we take US dollars with us?

US dollars or Euros are great for buying souvenirs and such, but for the small items like snacks, bottled water, washroom service, you need to have some one pound Egyptian bills.

Besides hotel incidentals, can we use US dollars for shopping?

Yes, both the US dollar and the Euro are accepted everywhere.

Can I use MasterCard or Amex instead of Visa to pay for my tour?

Yes you can, but it not recommended. Our accounts are Canadian therefore the card company will charge you the exchange rate, plus a fee, in addition to the 3.5% we charge. It is best to use Visa as we have a US Visa account and there are no additional fees over the 3.5%.


How long is the Egyptian Museum open?

The Museum is open until 8 pm.

New Years Eve:

Does Egypt celebrate New Years Eve?

Yes, in fact most hotels throughout Egypt have a compulsory dinner that evening, and on Christmas Eve. The higher end hotels will have parties and entertainment.

Nile Cruises:

When do Nile Cruises depart?

There are a few exceptions, but these are the main departures.

Departures from Aswan, on Mondays and Fridays
Departures from Luxor, on Saturdays and Mondays

Where do the Nile Cruises go from, and to?

Currently, they go between Luxor and Aswan, or reverse. The occasional cruise between Luxor and Cairo is done when repositioning after annual maintenance. This type of Cruise requires long term planning.

What size are the rooms on the Nile Cruise Ships?

Rooms are the same size as on most cruise ships, small and compact. With a private bath, all have outside cabins. Most ships cannot accommodate triples or quads, as these ships only carry 100-200 passengers.

When do we board the ship?

On arrival in Luxor or Aswan, you will drop off your luggage on the ship, and then proceed onto sightseeing. Previous guests need to depart before you can check into your rooms. Upon your return, around 1 -2pm, you will join the cruise for a late lunch, and, check into your room.

Do we have a ship guide or our own guide?

It could be either, but usually, our guides are land based and will meet you at each stop for the sightseeing.  On rare occasions we use the ship guides.

Do we sleep on the ship?

Yes. It will be 3 or 4 nights on the ship, depending on cruise schedule.

Where do the 7 night Cruises go?

3 and 4 night cruises, from Aswan to Luxor have actual sailing time of 1 night and 1day.
3 and 4 night cruises, from Luxor to Aswan have actual sailing time of 1night and 1day.
The rest of the time the cruise ship is a floating hotel dockside, and, a base for sightseeing in Luxor and Aswan. This means, if you choose seven days, you are simply reversing the same journey, duplicating the same stops and sightseeing.

Can we get a room on the ship with a balcony?

There are only one or two ships with balconies, owned, and operated, by a company for their own groups. Some other ships that have large windows that open, like French windows, but these are not balconies.

How long does the ship sail?

The ship only sails for one day and one night, the rest of the time they are dockside in Luxor and Aswan, docked alongside other ships. Sometimes you will see as many as 6 ships deep. You will do your sightseeing while docked.

What are Lake Nasser cruises?

Lake Nasser is south of the High Dam in Aswan. There are several high end luxury cruises that operate on Lake Nasser. Sightseeing includes Abu Simbul temples, and many other temples rescued from the water when building the High Dam.

Length of time to get there and how long there:

How long does it take to get to Dendara & Abydos?

This is a day trip, out of Luxor, and takes approx 4 hours each way, by convoy. The convoy controls the length of time at each site, but usually, there is plenty of time to see the temples.

How long does a trip take to Bhahariya Oasis, and, how much time do we need to spend there?

The Bhahariya Oasis can be either, 2 days and 1 night, or, 3 days and 2 nights.

The drive is about 5 hours from Cairo. This is where they have recently found the Valley of the Golden Mummies.

How long does it take between Dahab and Sharm El Sheik?

Dahab to Sharm is a 3 hour drive, each way.

How long is the sound and light show, and when does it start?

The Sound and Light Show at Giza lasts approximately 45 minutes. Start times vary, as they show is presented in various languages. They rotate the shows on different nights. For instance, the English version usually starts at 6.30 pm and lasts approx 2 hours

The artists have masterfully created a spectacle show that draws you in as part of history. Our driver will pick you up at your hotel and transfer you to Giza or Karnak (in Luxor) at the end of the show the driver will be waiting to take you back to your hotel.

How long do we spend at the Bazaar and is the guide with us?

We normally allocate 1 - 2 hours, depending on how much time we have free. The guide is with you, but it is impossible to keep everyone together due to the narrow crowded streets. The guide will normally allocate a set place for everyone to meet at a certain time.

How long does it take to travel from Aswan to Luxor or reverse?

It takes approx 3-4 hours either by road or by train. Unless there is a group of 5 or more it is more cost effective to travel by Train. There are 2 stops on the train, and it leaves Luxor at 6am and 6pm. 


Can I meditate or stay overnight in the Great Pyramid?

This is not possible unless you have managed to negotiate a special permit with the department of Antiquities. These are not regularly permitted and you must have a special reason for doing so. We cannot assist with these.

Going into Small Pyramid

Going inside the pyramids is more to say you have been in a pyramid than anything else. It is claustrophobic and not recommended for anyone who is - you walk down steep steps into the main chamber and return the same way. The ceilings are low, and you have to bend in some spots. There is a larger space once your reach the main chamber but basically it is a narrow corridor with people coming both ways. It is hot and humid as there is no ventilation inside. These were built as tombs not for people coming and going.

The smaller two take about 10-15mins and the large one only permits 100 people twice a day and you have to line up yours self for that one as they will not allow guides to buy tickets. For the small ones no problem, they rotate the two smaller pyramids frequently so we never know exactly which one it will be.  As I indicated many people wish to do it to say they have been inside a pyramid. No cameras are allowed inside.

(Option for entering the large pyramids is around $50 US and only sell 150 tickets twice a day, the guide will take you to the line if you are interested and you can purchase the tickets at that time.)

Regarding Climbing Pyramids

on the large Pyramid you can climb a little way to the main entrance, where all the tourists are allowed, but you cannot climb any of them other than this, and it is not wise to even try, there are police at every pyramid and they take no nonsense. An Egypt jail is not where you want to spend your vacation. Don't even try as if you do and you don't stop and come down when asked the Police can shoot you. These are protected historical monuments and they do not take any chances, and there are no exceptions for anyone.

The King's Chamber in the Large Pyramid

The King's Chamber is the burial place of King Khufu and YES it is inside his Pyramid. They only sell a set amount of tickets a day, and you will have to line up with your passport in hand either early morning or around noon in order to get tickets. Guides are not allowed to purchase tickets. The charge is approx. $50 US..

Red Sea:

What is the water temperature of the Red Sea during winter?

It is warm, between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius during the winter time, which is December to February. It is much hotter during the rest of the year.

How long do I have to wait to fly after diving?

You should wait 24 hours to fly after diving.

Safety in Egypt:

How safe is travel in Egypt?

Security is especially tight, and, all hotels have metal detectors, and Police, at the entrance. People are only allowed to come and go through one or two entrances. Media hype exaggerates what is happening. Egypt is safer than most cities in the USA.

Tour Operators are required to give your itinerary in, around and outside Cairo, to the authorities. In addition they have to provide a list of names, passport numbers and nationalities for all individuals and groups. This allows the police to secure the areas they visit, beforehand.


Can we get a Visa on arrival?

United States, Canada, Western Europe, UK, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan all can obtain a visa on arrival. Other countries need to check with their nearest Egyptian Embassy.

Do I need a Visa if arriving by cruise ship for a short visit?

Permission for foreigners arriving in Egypt on board a cruise ship is granted a permission to visit the port of arrival for 24 hours. They must return to their ship at the same port. One may have permission to enter the country for a visit, not exceeding a period of 3 days, before catching their ship at the port of arrival, or at any other port.

Check with the Purser onboard your Cruise.

Is a Visa required if I enter the country via Sharm El Sheik or Dahab?

If you arrive, and depart, from Sharm El Sheik or Dahab, a 14 day Visa is issued, without charge, to visit Sharm El Sheik, Dahab, Taba, Nuweiba, and St.Catherine. If you wish to visit Cairo, you must obtain a full paid Visa.

Entry Visas to Egypt 

The price for an Egyptian Visa is between $15 and $18 US depending on exchange rate, however we hire the security services to meet our clients prior to customs to assist with visas, and luggage and escort them through to the arrivals hall where they meet with one of our staff members. We charge the clients $25 for the visa and this includes this service.

When does the sun lights up Ramses statue

The temple was aligned so that twice a year, on February 22 and October 22, the sun's rays penetrate the length of the temple and flood the sanctuary with light - lighting up the face of the statue

Internet Cafes

There are internet cafes everywhere in Egypt and most 4/5 star Hotels offer internet service and business centers. Prices vary depending on the Hotel. There is no internet access on Cruise ships.

Shopping in Cairo

there are numerous shopping options in Cairo, the Khan El Khalili is the bazaar, then there are numerous perfume, papyrus and souvenir shops. In addition Cairo now has several new shopping centers where you can shop as you would in the west. If you have a preference or are searching for something special then let your guide know.

Sleeper Trains

The sleeper train has individual cabins with two bunk beds one up and down, a small washbasin and a place to store luggage. You will be served dinner in your cabin, a pretty basic one and then they lower the bunks for sleeping. The washroom is at the end of each carriage, two of them. No showers. It is a bumpy ride and there is nothing to see until early morning as it is of course dark all the way. Breakfast is served in your cabin on the train. It arrives in Luxor around 6am and in Aswan around 9am. Some people enjoy it for the difference.

The alternative is the plane which also leaves in the early hours of the morning, so whichever way you choose that night will have limited sleeping time. Either way you need to get a good nights sleep the night before.

Why we need passport numbers

for security reasons, all foreigners are checked into the Hotels and Cruises with their passports, this is standard throughout Egypt as the Hotels are required to
register everyone with the police. We give the Hotels the info on advance. However if you prefer you can leave the numbers out. Either way I would advise you to bring copies of your passport with you so that you can give them to the Hotels so they don't keep them overnight to copy, also on the Cruises they keep everyone's passports in the pursers office until they depart this is standard on any Cruise worldwide.

Ancient Quarries

Most ancient quarries have vanished. The few existing ones are not accessible to the Public or are so far away that reaching them in the desert is a major task. They are not considered tourist destinations. 

The Granite quarries in Aswan can be easilyvisited with the regular day trip in Aswan. The other famous one is Chain Mountain for the sandstone and can be easily seen from the cruise ship in the area between Edfu and Kom Ombo on the west side of the Nile.

Christmas and New Years in Egypt - Compulsory Gala Dinners/Events

Christmas and New Years eves are celebrated in Egypt at the Hotels and on Cruises; they put on Gala dinners and entertainment. Unfortunately they make these occasions mandatory for all guests whether you attend them or not, they still charge. This is throughout Egypt and we have no control over it. The sites stay open as usual. The majority of Egyptians are Muslims and do not celebrate Xmas or New Year, however they readily acknowledge that this is a western holiday and do their best to ensure tourists are able to celebrate. Egyptian Christians (the Coptic orthodox) celebrate Xmas on January 7th. These Gala events vary between $100-$200 per person.

Solar Boat Museum

The Solar Boat Museum has a separate entry fee and is NOT included in the cost of the entry fee to the Pyramids

Alcohol in Egypt

Alcohol is not readily available in Egypt. There are restaurants, bars and mini bars that serve alcohol. If you buy alcohol to drink in your room, then please make sure it is sealed on arrival in Egypt and that you are discreet about leaving bottles out in the open in your room. Muslims are not allowed to purchase alcohol.

Duty Free shops at Cairo and Amman Airport

Will there be an open duty free shop at the airport in Cairo when flying to Amman? - Yes
will there be an open duty free shop at the airport in Amman when flying to Paris? - Yes

Duty free shops are regularly open for purchases for international flights.

Evening Nile Dinner Cruise

The Nile Dinner cruise is a buffet style meal, with live entertainment. A 3 or 4 piece band with singer, belly dancer and a whirling dervish. These are regularly utilized by locals for weddings, birthdays etc. You can of course go out on deck as well. They are somewhat commercialized but the whirling dervish makes the evening. They take about 2- 2 1/2 hours and usually have two seatings one early and one very late. We book clients on the early sailing.

St. Catherine’s Monastery

the Monastery is Closed on Fridays, Sundays and Religious Holidays like Xmas and so on. They also book private events for their own purposes and will close on these occasions as well. The itinerary should take into account these closings if you wish to visit the Monastery; it is a small site and can readily be visited in 15 - 30 minutes.

How difficult is it the climb at St Catherine’s?  It takes about 3-4 hours to climb the 7,498-foot peak following the Path of Moses, a stairway of nearly 4,000 steps.

What type of physical condition does one have to be in? You need to be strong enough to hike in the middle of the night for the 3-4 hours hike to the peak to see the sunrise. It also gets very cold so you need to take gloves, hat, warm jacket and a flashlight.

You can taste the experience by hiking for an hour enjoying the sunrise from that point and then walking back. You can also rent a camel to take you to the top it costs approx. $45 US per person 

St. Anthony's Monastery (Deir Mar Antonio’s), and St. Paul's

Both are two of the oldest inhabited Coptic Christian monasteries in Egypt. Hidden deep in the Red Sea Mountains and relying on springs for their water supply, both still observe rituals that have hardly changed in 16 centuries.  Both are accessible by special tours from Cairo, Suez or Hurghada and a stay in either monastery can be arranged in advance.

Swimming with Dolphins in the Red Sea

It is possible to swim with Dolphins directly in the Red Sea, but of course they are fish freely swimming in the ocean so there are no guarantees they will be there. The locals usually have a good idea of where they are, but this is not something you can book in advance - when you get to the Red Sea please talk to your guide, the hotel or locals for more information on where they can be found.

Dust Storms

During March & April the wind gets stronger and at times can whip up the sand in the desert to create dust storms called Khamseen. If this occurs then itineraries will be moved around to accommodate this and ensure any outdoor sites missed as a result will be organized for alternative days.   

Evening Light and Sound Shows

There are 3 light and sound shows - Giza Pyramids, Karnak Temple, and Philae Temple. The seating is open air, the show is conducted with lazer lights and historical information is narrated in English and they have shows in various other languages as well. They last about 45 minutes.



Two prong round, and sometimes 3 prong. Current 220. You will need an adaptor from North America
unless your appliance goes 110 to 240.

Solar Bark Museum  

This is a 4,000 year old boat discovered alongside the pyramids and is situated in a separate museum on the Pyramids site. The entry fee is $20 and is paid separately on site - the Boat Museum should be done as part of the Pyramids tour otherwise an additional entry fee for the Pyramids must be purchased again.  
Step Pyramid of Djoser’s Sarapeum Mastaba of Ti Pyramid of Unas

These can be included as part of the trip to Sakkara but will require additional entry fees. 

Manyal Palace  (Prince Mohamed Ali Museum)

Built as a private residence by Prince Mohamed Ali Tawfiq, the palace is set in the Midst of a delightful garden
with a collection of rare trees from all over the world, the rich collection of Jewelry, Carpets & Ceramics can
be seen in this exquisite architectural masterpiece deemed among the most important of historic museums.

The Mummy Room

The mummy room in a separate section within the Egyptian Museum containing some historical mummies of pharaohs -
this exhibit requires an
additional entry fee of approx $10 US.

Stomach Ailments

Please remember all products that contain water even when boiled can cause you stomach problems, so if you are not sure ask if the water is filtered. If you should suffer from stomach problems we highly recommend going to a local Pharmacy as they are well aware of the problems and the treatments and can usually supply you with a quick acting solution. If it persists, please have the guide take you to a doctor. Please ensure you check out any medications and that they do not conflict with any you are already taking. Medications are very reasonability priced and so are doctors visits so please make use of them if necessary, also if you have insurance the costs will be recoverable.

Where is the Western Dessert

West of Cairo - Bhahariya and Siwa Oases are in the western desert

Galabia Parties

On the cruise ships there will be a Galabia party one evening. Galabia is a long gown worn by both men and women, and can readily be seen throughout Egypt. They can be bought locally anywhere from $10 or many of the shops on the Cruise Ships will sell them..

Shorts - clothing

Regular and long shorts are acceptable throughout Egypt. Any attire is acceptable at the red sea resorts, however Cairo/Luxor and Aswan are far more conservative and ladies in particular should note this if they do not want unwanted glances from the locals.

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